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Meet Katy Lashua

Katy Lashua, owner CRT Wellness Center Sarasota
Katy Lashua has always been intrigued with natural and holistic ways to improve health and maintain wellness; this due in part to her own health challenges from birth through childhood. It is this passion for integrative holistic wellness that led her to become a licensed practitioner in 2005. In 2010, she earned her certification in the Cranial Release Technique®. In 2013 she opened the first CRT clinic in the U.S., and in 2014 she was awarded CRT Practitioner of The Year.

“Brain based wellness care” is offered for clients of every age from infancy to later life stages. Whether your goals are weight related, fitness driven or achieving optimum thought processing Katy can encourage you forward to allow you to have long term success in reaching your goals.

At the CRT Wellness Center you can achieve whole body wellness and correct poor eating, thinking and lifestyle habits that have been hampering you. This is truly integrative healing; taking all aspects of your life into consideration and making them all work towards one goal . . . . . a healthier you!

Katy not only practices CRT but also employs the use of BrainTap Technology to defrag the brain, quiet thoughts, promote relaxation, reduce unwanted habits and sharpen the mind. Her toolbox also holds a deep understanding of dietary knowledge, the therapeutic qualities found in essential oils, proper use of quality supplements as well as specialized massage/bodywork.

Meet Anna Rubano

Anna Rubano

Anna Rubano is a recent transplant to the Sarasota area from New York. Anna is a wife, mom of two and overall woman of many hats! Anna has a degree from NYU in Classical Vocal Performance and is a singer/songwriter. Through her own personal health journey, Anna discovered a passion for the holistic wellness field and the desire to help others. She is so excited to share this passion with Katy Lashua who has such a heart and gift for helping those in her community through Cranial Release Technique, Wellness Advocacy, and BrainTap, to name a few. Anna loves to experiment in the kitchen and come up with delicious recipes that are both family friendly and foodie friendly. She loves showing others how they can fall in love with cooking and enjoy meals that are nutrient dense and delicious! Her passion and enthusiasm for health and wellness translates in all that she does. Anna Rubano is a Wellness Advocate, currently studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Anna offers a direct and warm approach with clients assisting them to reach their individualized needs. For a complimentary consultation please contact Anna directly.

CRT Wellness Center

Located in Sarasota, Florida CRT Wellness Center is the longest established clinic offering Cranial Release Technique®. With a natural and holistic approach to health, the clinic is dedicated to helping people reach a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best. Implementing lasting changes through the guidance and encouragement of the staff, patients can improve energy, balance and overall health.

Our integrative health approach focuses on the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, as a whole. With a comprehensive evaluation the practitioner makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches and disciplines to achieve optimal health and well being.

Your body is a system and it must be treated as such. At CRT Wellness you will receive complete holistic care aimed at bringing your entire body back to optimal function. If you are looking for optimal health or have a specific problem you would like a natural approach to alleviating then perhaps it is time to make an appointment for a consultation.

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