Cranial Release Technique®

What is Cranial Release Technique®

CRT, in short, is the gentle release of the dural tension within the cranium. This, in turn, creates a global release, via connective tissue and fascia throughout the body, initiating restorative healing to all systems of the body. The effects of this are profound.

The gentle hands on approach of CRT by the certified practitioner can provide a way for the body to regain structural balance and function at a higher capacity for optimal overall function. Many patients have reported immediate relief from physical pain, emotional stress, balance issues, restless sleep, cloudy thinking, and headaches, to name a few. The benefits may continue to increase over time as the body begins the process of restoring itself to optimum health.


The body has powerful restorative and healing capabilities, however, these can be hampered by stress and inflammation. In fact, stress and inflammation are the leading cause of disease and illness. CRT has the unique capacity to relieve the nervous system’s stress and the subsequent inflammation it causes.

Our nervous system controls all of our body functions and any imbalance can have a tremendous impact on our health and quality of life. This all-natural approach to healing is considered by some to be the most impactful few minutes a person can experience to restore and maintain their entire well being.

A Few Possible Benefits of CRT

Who May Benefit From CRT

When we think of stress-induced health challenges we often think of those who suffer from PTSD. While they are great candidates for this protocol, we must also understand that the low-level stress that faces parents, students, caregivers or anyone with an overloaded schedule or facing emotional burden is slowly compromising their health day by day.

The stress that athletes put themselves through cannot only prohibit peak performance but also create stress-induced health risks if left unchecked. Those that suffer from chronic illness or autoimmune disease are greatly suffering from overstressed nervous systems. Even newborns have undergone great stress during the birth process, from the moment of conception, and can benefit greatly from CRT.

Everyone can benefit from the healing process instrumented by Cranial Release Technique®. Schedule a consultation and learn more about CRT, the benefits and how it can be incorporated into your holistic wellness plan